The Building Process

Orchestrating all of the details of a significant life event like building a home is challenging and rewarding. We've built dozens of custom homes for clients who are building for the first time and also for people who have experienced the homebuilding process before. Those who choose us as their builder deserve the finest home we can build within their budget, ready when we say it will be and a building process that's enjoyable. As we work with our clients, we follow a critical path that moves us from our first conversation through the construction of their home and to closing. Steps along the way include:

Getting Started

House_under_construction.jpgProspective homebuyers may connect with Homes by Jonathan Lee, Inc. by visiting a home under construction, through a referral or a conversation with Peggy Gheesling, visiting this Web site or a phone call to our office. If you're ready to get started or have questions, Contact us.

Our First Meeting

Jonathan Lee meets with prospective clients in the company's corporate offices at 2235-C Lewisville-Clemmons Road in Clemmons, NC. Since the Homes by Jonathan Lee team finished these offices, they show the products, details and finish work used in the homes we build. In this first meeting, prospective clients are asked whether they wish to build on:

  • A lot Jonathan Lee owns in a subdivision
  • Another available lot in a subdivision
  • Land owned by the clients

If clients wish to reserve a lot we own, a $1,000 refundable deposit reserves the lot for 30 days. During this time we'll work on a preliminary plan design, budgeting, loan pre-qualification and other details so you can decide to move forward.

Professional Services Agreement and Planning Steps

This agreement with Homes by Jonathan Lee allows us to move forward with the initial design of your home, estimating and writing the contact to build a home. As you think about what you want in your new home, consider the style of home you wish to live in and create a prioritized wish list with the number of bedrooms and baths you'd like to have, other rooms - home office, sunroom, exercise room, covered porch, garage etc. It's important to balance the wish list with your budget as a house plan is selected and estimating is done.

Lot_225_front.pngJonathan Lee has many well-designed home plans in his portfolio so you may find just what you're seeking there. You may wish to modify one of those plans or use a plan from another source. In our plan design process a draftsman and Jonathan Lee meet with you to discuss the design for the home you wish to have built. Wish list and budget frame the conversation and the draftsman will give you an estimate of the cost to draw up your building plans. As the client, you will pay the draftsman directly for his services.

For some homes and lots, adding the services of a landscape architect is an excellent investment. The landscape architect sites the house to use the lot advantageously and designs your outdoor environment including driveways, sidewalks, patios, privacy walls, courtyards, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, gardens and landscaping and possibly a pool or fountain. These services are paid by the client, directly to the landscape architect.

Contract Signing and Financing

Once your home plans are 90 percent complete, Jonathan Lee will give you a turn-key contract amount for your home building project that's based on the specifications discussed. If it has your approval, the draftsman completes your plans and submits them for permitting. A contract signing takes place and we begin building your home.

Lot and Financing Details

If you do not already own the land on which your home will be built, you must purchase your selected lot from Jonathan Lee or another owner and pay any closing costs associated with the transfer of the lot. Construction financing can be carried by the client or by Homes by Jonathan Lee. If you are weighing whether to carry the construction financing on your home, we suggest consulting with your CPA.

If Homes by Jonathan Lee is providing the construction financing, the client pays a 10 percent, non-refundable deposit at the contract signing. No additional money is due until the home is completed.

If the client is providing the construction financing, Homes by Jonathan Lee receives 10 percent of the contracted amount as a non-refundable deposit at contract signing, begins building and bills the clients monthly as work is completed. We work with the clients' lender as necessary.

Building Details and Closing

Top_photo.jpgOne of the joys of a custom home is your ability to choose the materials, fixtures and colors used in the building of your home. You will receive a selection schedule that indicates the order in which items such as shingles, stone/brick, windows, colors, finishes, flooring, fixtures, cabinets and the like need to be selected, and the budgeted amount set aside for each item.

The design services of Alicia Lee, ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) are available to assist you with the coordination of all visual elements on the interior and exterior of your new home. Alicia can also help you make selections that work with the furnishings that are in your current home and will be moving into the new home.

As you are making your selections with Alicia, Tim Fox and Jonathan Lee will finalize the critical path for construction that is the master plan for all scheduling to meet deadlines.

Throughout the building process Tim and Jonathan are on site, engaged in the project, managing teams and inspecting work. Their frequent walk-throughs identify any "cosmetic" issues that aren't up to their standards and they are promptly fixed. As the homeowners-to-be, you are invited to stop by throughout the process to see your site transformed into a wonderful, new home.

As your home nears completion we make arrangements for closing, and you're invited to do a walk-through to identify anything that needs to be adjusted or repaired before closing. And after you move in, may the first of many festive celebrations in your new home, begin!