What our customers say about us...

Family.jpgWhy did you choose to work with Jonathan Lee?

"My husband met with him and Jonathan showed him how he develops a notebook with the details about each client and their project. My husband said, 'I've never seen anyone so well-organized.' He didn't want to look any further for a builder." —Mary Kay Johnson

"Overall I'm an extremely involved homeowner and I walked through several houses with Tim Fox that were built or under construction. I also talked with two other builders before deciding to work with Jonathan." —Mark Beeler

"We bought a spec house they were building for the Parade of Homes. At the time we lived in Orlando and we made several trips to look at homes in this area. We saw the lot before the ground was broken and on our third visit it was under construction. When we walked into their conference room everything that was planned for the home was laid out so we could see what it would look like. There were pictures of appliances, samples of wood, granite and faucets. They even showed us the shower curtain fabric and tablecloth they planned to use in the Parade of Homes. We were so impressed!" —Debbie McCann

"The experience was delightful from start to finish. He is the most helpful person." —Rachel King

"We wish we could build another house! If you choose Jonathan Lee as your builder, you will feel the same way. Jonathan Lee and his staff make building your home a most pleasurable experience!" —Bill and Gilda Schneider (see the full letter)

How well has your home by Jonathan Lee retained its value?

"Our home in Bermuda Run West was the 2003 Parade of Homes Gold Award Winner in its class and we have been exceptionally pleased. In the initial appraisal, Batten Appraisers, Inc., stated that our home was 'superior in quality, materials, and craftsmanship' to comparable homes. We have found our home to be of outstanding quality, and our maintenance costs have been extremely low.

"Even when real estate values declined due to the economic environment, we believe that our home's value did not decline as much as some to due Jonathan's commitment to quality and customer value. Jonathan's long record of success is evidence that quality will prevail even under the direst of economic conditions." —Susan & Terry Hayworth

What were your impressions of the planning and building experience with Jonathan Lee?

"We met numerous times to get the floor plan together. Open communications helped us get what we wanted to have in the plan. Jonathan's floor plans helped our thinking and we came up with a great plan!" —Michele Hanson

"Jonathan helped us complete our home design. We told him what our budget was and he walked through everything to help us get close to this. Jonathan moves on things so the progress at the work site is amazing. When we asked for little changes, they were done in one or two days. Nothing is left undone. He has integrity and enjoys working on the project. He's with you step by step." —Mary Kay Johnson

"We spent a lot of time up front with revisions and fine-tuning. The team works seamlessly, contacting each other on the client's behalf. We were given good information for making decisions and the building moved along at a good pace. Jonathan takes pride in his homebuilding and work. The contactors on the lot are very pro-Jonathan Lee. He has a proven stable of sub-contractors working together." —Mark Beeler

"When I talked with Jonathan I was impressed with his manner. He was a good listener and asked a lot of questions. He was receptive to our needs and we were a big part of the process. The planning took a long time, but it was necessary to get to the right plan. It was an elaborate process that included things we like. We got a house that's exactly what we want - a beautiful, functional, livable plan!" —Diana Woolard

"We built one other house and it was not a good experience. This experience with Jonathan Lee and Tim Fox was total cooperation. They had good communication with is while we were in Orlando and checked in frequently. The quality of workmanship was inspiring. They were able to do everything we requested, including making a double-sided fireplace out of the single one." —Debbie McCann

"The quote was dead-on and included a lot of detail. Jonathan was direct, accessible, accommodating and honest. We could understand the billing and how all of the details tallied up." —Diana Woolard

What was it like to work with Alicia Lee?

"She was a godsend and helped us with lighting, the kitchen, tile, paint, mirrors, faux painters – everything. We used some of our existing furnishings in the new house, with her help." —Michele Hanson

"She was like a rudder on a ship – organized, helpful – a fantastic safety net. Her pictures and samples made it fun and easy. She has wonderful taste and is knowledgeable and solid – never pushy. She guided us as we furnished the first floor and knew how to beautifully work with scale and a variety of furnishings to create rooms with continuity of flow." —Diana Woolard

What was it like to work with Tim Fox?

"We have a lot of confidence in him and trust. Things were always done in a timely fashion. If I ever build another house, I would work with them." —Diana Woolard

"We love Tim and are glad he's our neighbor. He's accessible, approachable and agreeable." —Debbie McCann

"We wanted to adopt Tim and cannot say enough good things about him. All of the subs were delightful." —Rachel King

What did you experience as you saw your home being constructed?

"The job site is immaculate. It's the quietest and cleanest site. They're so well organized and responsive. Jonathan just takes care of business!" —Mary Kay Johnson

"We came through several times a week and the work site was always clean and organized. Tim and Jonathan require the highest standards from the crews and when anything is not up to snuff, they're assertive. It's a tight ship. We were surprised at how smooth and professional it is. Jonathan and Tim kept it on course." —Diana Woolard

"I've seen a lot of builders. Other builders said they don't know how Jonathan does it. He does have good workers. His paint jobs look like real wood." —Debbie McCann

"A lot was accomplished every week. The job site was immaculate and they tried not to have waste material." —Rachel King

How does it feel to live in your home?

"It feels like home. We got exactly what we wanted!" —Michele Hanson

"It's an extremely well-built house. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is noticeable. Even "under the hood" details are well done." —Mark Beeler

"When we did our one-year walk through with Tim, there was some paint touch up to do, but nothing else on the punch list." —Mark Beeler

"The quality of the workmanship screams at you! As our house was being built another builder said, 'You've got a good man building your house.'" —Diana Woolard

"It feels like home and is inviting and cozy. We have so much company visiting us and we experience the joy when people come into our home oohing and aahing. The size, layout and roominess help everyone feel at home. We are astounded by the quality. We have great confidence in the workmanship." —Debbie McCann

"We love it! It's well insulated and quiet. We can't even hear the rain. There were a few of the usual shake down things to tweak after we moved in. They were taken care of within one day." —Rachel King

What was your experience building a green home with Jonathan Lee?

"We've lived all over the country, including California, and a green home is the way to go. We did a lot of research about energy efficient design and natural resources and found products we wanted to use that were same ones Jonathan found. We also wanted an all-natural landscape. They saved all the trees it was possible to save on our lot. We have no grass but do have trees and shrubs." —Rachel King

What was your experience with using Jonathan Lee to remodel your home?

"We told them we wanted a cover for our porch and they took over from there. They added columns, a roof and ceiling fan. They tell you what they're going to do and they do it! You don't need to worry about anything. Everything is cleaned up before they leave each day. You tell them what you want and don't worry about it. Small issues are fixed immediately. They're the best." —Les Scheer