Frequently Asked Questions

How many homes do you build a year?

We're building approximately 6-8 homes a year and 3-4 at a time. This allows us to be personally involved with each of our clients and the day-to-day work on their homes.

Can we just have our home built using a design we’ve found, or do we need a draftsman?

Custom homes are rarely built from a stock plan. Clients and their wish lists influence changes and the draftsman has the expertise to translate clients’ priorities into designs that are ready for building. Once our clients meet and work with the draftsman, they understand the value he brings to their investment in their home. Oftentimes his suggestions help clients achieve a better design and receive more value. The draftsman’s fees are paid directly by the client.

Can you build our home on land we already own?

Yes. A number of the homes we’ve built for clients are on lots they owned or we’ve helped them procure a lot they had their eye on. Homes by Jonathan Lee also has lots available for our clients.

Do we need to hire a landscape architect before we build our home?

Homebuilders who work with a landscape architect are happier with the end results. The landscape architect sites the home so it uses the lot to its best advantage and presents the house beautifully. Available sunlight and existing trees influence the recommendations. And the landscape architect can draw up plans for walkways, patios, courtyards, an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, driveway and landscaping to complement the home’s appearance. Our clients pay the landscape architect directly for his services.

How long has Homes by Jonathan Lee, Inc. been in business?

The company has been in business since 1995. Jonathan Lee has been building since 1984 and Tim Fox began building in 1988. We’ve enjoyed well-measured growth since we began the business and have experienced the stability of a full homebuilding schedule, even as some homebuilders have gone out of business. All of us on the Homes by Jonathan Lee team thoroughly enjoy building custom homes for our clients and we are here to stay.

What styles of homes do you build?

Every home is a custom home and although many of the homes we’ve built since 1995 are classic designs, we’ve built the gamut of architectural styles including Contemporary, Transitional and Traditional designs.

How long does it take to build a home?

Planning for the design, any modifications, pricing and preparing the contract typically takes 2-3 months. Construction is usually an additional 6-8 months. 

What does it cost to build a home with Jonathan Lee?

Many elements affect the cost of building a custom home and the builder needs to understand the entire scope of the project before quoting a price. Once land is purchased, the home’s complexity, finish items, size and components contribute to its final cost.

Here’s how these details affect cost:
  • Complexity: A home with more corners, angles and a more complicated roof costs more to build because it requires more material and is more labor-intensive.
  • Finish Items: Items such as cabinetry, custom built-ins, moldings, floor finishes, tiles, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and appliances are among the finish items that can vary greatly in price, depending on what the new homeowner selects. 
  • Size and Components: The heated/cooled square footage of a home has a direct impact on its cost, but other components such as garages, porches, patios, landscaping and outdoor structures also contribute to the total cost.

What does the homebuilding process include?

Basic steps are: 
  • Choosing the location for the new home 
  • Selecting a house plan and working with a draftsman to incorporate design modifications, if needed
  • Estimating and ensuring that the house plan is in alignment with the budget 
  • Contract signing 
  • Building the home 
  • Closing 

A detailed explanation of this process is found on the Building Process page.

What kinds of people tend to build their homes with you?

They’re detail-oriented, busy people who have done research, evaluated homes built by local builders and talked with other homeowners. Our clients appreciate quality and many have built a custom home, so they understand home building. They like a home that reflects their individuality and taste. And we often hear they enjoy a home that is very livable – and they plan to enjoy it for a long time!